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[20 Aug 2012] High-paced fun at Frederick’s High Wheel Race (Frederick Gazette)

[19 Aug 2012] Frederick Hosts High Wheel Race (Washington Post)

[19 Aug 2012] Nostalgia, love of cycling unite at Frederick High Wheeler Race (Frederick News Post)

[19 Aug 2012] Louisville Woman Seriously Injured in Maryland "High Wheel Bike" Race (Louisville Courier-Journal)

[19 Aug 2012] Ky High Wheel Rider Seriously Injured in High Wheel Race (Associated Press)

[17 Aug 2012] LeMond in Frederick for 'High Wheel' Bike Race (Baltimore Magazine)

[14 Aug 2012] Clustered Spires High Wheel Race (Blog - Maryland Life)

[03 Aug 2012] Frederick to Host Nation's Only Penny Farthing Race (WTOP News)

[31 July 2012] Frederick Mayor To Give Update on His Goals (Associated Press)

[01 Aug 2012] VIDEO: Frederick Mayor Proclamation - High Wheel Race Day August 18 (City of Frederick)

[26 July 2012] Mayor McClement to Present Proclamation Declaring August 18, 2012 High Wheel Race Day

[July 2012] Don't Miss America's Only High Wheel Race (Spokes Magazine)

[27 Jun 2012] High Wheel Race Scheduled For August 18th (City of Frederick)

[27 Jun 2012] High Wheel Race Schedule for August in Frederick (Frederick News Post)

[Jun-July 2012] Extreme People - The Wheelmen in Action (Frederick Gorilla Magazine)

[14 May 2012] Pedaling Your Way to Work (Frederick News Post)

[08 May 2012] First Ever Clustered Spires High Wheel Race (

[15 Jan 2012] Traveling Through - Frederick Gets Blast from Past (Frederick News Post)

[05 Oct 2011] History, cycling merge in Frederick's History Bicycle Loop (Frederick News Post)

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